Huntjet Models

IMG 20201008 12446Huntjet boats are an excellent design with a high quality manufactured finish.

  • CAD designed by Andy in house who has a real passion for jet boats whether it be for fishing, hunting or just adventure.
  • Refined over years from customer feedback and Huntjet’s own field testing.
  • Professionally built from marine grade aluminium  strong, reliable and up to the task.
  • Huntjet alloy jet boats are built with wide high sides giving excellent handling and providing a dry soft ride with room for extra gear. 

Current models are

huntjet 310 (3.1m),

Huntjet 325 new model

huntjet 330 (3.3m),

Huntjet 345 new model

huntjet 350 (3.5m) 

Huntjet 375 new model

huntjet 380 (3.8m) and the new xl range 

huntjet 400 (4.0m) and the new xl range

huntjet 430 (4.3m) and the new xl range 

And larger custom models available

IMG 20220620 33202

20160521 124246

 Standard hull up to 330 has a 8mm delta and 5mm outer with optional 10mm delta. For the Huntjet 350 8mm delta and 5mm outer and 10mm delta option. For the Huntjet 380 is 10mm delta and 5mm outer or 12mm delta and 6mm outer

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Huntjet also offers the option to fit 10mm,12mm,15mm plastic inserts into the delta and chine to chine option for maximum protection, we have high tensile reax delta option.

IMG 20170130 34405                                    IMG 20151217 54194

hunt jet june14 6

 hunt jet june14 1